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Besides the production and distribution of data cables and cabling systems, we also manufacture PVC and halogen-free compounds.

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Cable production & assembly

In cable production

The structure, shielding and materials used are of crucial importance for the mechanical and electrical properties of a cable. Our extensive fleet of machines in our worldwide production facilities enable the production of a broad range of production processes for finishing cables.

As well as…

  • the extrusion / wire drawing of all thermoplastic extrudable plastics and special materials developed in our own materials research facility,
  • stranding with a defined pitch and position of the wires,
  • wire spinning with spiral-shaped wires and wires installed in parallel,
  • and braiding to achieve precisely defined coverage, …


…we also offer special shielding foaming and wrapping technologies:


  • Extremely stable and uniformly structured dielectrics of our wires in the skin-foam-skin extrusion to optimise the transmission properties of our cables with very narrow diameters.
  • Special shielding technologies with different shielding foils ensure low crosstalk and a high signal integrity in high-frequency transmissions

In cable assembly

We use our own, specially developed optimised machines to connect the PCBs and cables in our high speed cable systems. The automated process is being constantly developed to improve the signal integrity of our NEXT generation products. Our extensive know-how, our employees’ qualifications and the state-of-the-art equipment installed in our production facilities worldwide enable us to offer different joining techniques for the secure assembly of our cables:

  • Cutting to length incl. stripping, as well as in-phase length and laser stripping
  • Crimping
  • Soldering, also induction, stamp and hot bar soldering
  • Insulation displacement
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Casting using hotmelt technology
  • Extrusion using injection moulding technology
  • Assembly of optical silica fibers, glass fibers, plastic fibers, plastic-coated fibers and fiber bundles
  • Assembly of high-voltage cables