DClink – MegaLine®

DClink is also flexible in the choice of transmission medium and therefore there are also suitable modules for our MegaLine® Connect components. Suitable for your application, copper and fiber optic transmission channels can be combined in a space-saving way in one rack unit.

The 40 Gbit/s-capable copper cabling consists of a pre-assembled copper data cable with MegaLine® Connect100 cable connectors. The TERA® module as well as the MegaLine® Connect100 interface as a mating face are available for termination.
The manufacturer’s assembly and testing of all HF parameters guarantees the highest quality and direct usability on site.

For 10 Gbit/s cabling with classic RJ45 connectors, we offer pre-assembled copper trunk cables with MegaLine® Connect45 Pro Plus modules. Our connection modules in ELine format, in combination with our 24-pair DataCenter link cable (24 shielded pairs under a common outer jacket), enable an extremely space-saving installation. A true high-density system that allows up to 144 ports in our 3 RU module carrier.