DClink – MPO

DClink MPO offers the best flexibility in data center cabling. For our MPO assemblies we use the MTP® connector from US Conec Ltd. The pre-assembled MPO trunks, with up to 96 fibers, fit on any cable tray and are plugged into the back of the modules in the rack. This system offers the highest packing density with up to 864 fibers on one rack unit.
Individual transmission links can be upgraded at any time, e.g. from 10-Gbit/s to 40- or 100-Gbit/s. And that simply by selecting the patch cords suitable for the application.

MTP in the patch panel 10/25/40/100 – migration solution of data rates up to 40 and 100 Gbit/s

The most economical and at the same time most future-proof fiber optic solution is the MTP cabling up to the patch panel. The installed basis is formed by ready-to-connect transmission links for all transmission rates, consisting of MTP trunks and MTP modules. No connectors are assembled on site; after the subracks have been installed, only trunks are laid, modules and MTP connectors plugged in, and the link is ready for operation – for all data rates that can be realized at present and in the foreseeable future. There are no superfluous connectors, so you easily meet all the limits of the required attenuation budgets and also save on matarial, measurement and installation costs.

With 768 fibers, i.e. 384 duplex ports (up to 10 GBASE-SR and 25 GBASE-SR), 64 12-fiber ports (40-GBASE-SR4 and 100-GBASE-SR4) or 32 2×12-fiber ports (100-GBASE-SR10) on 1 U, this solution is also the most space-saving. Adaptation to the different data rates – 10, 40 or 100 Gbit/s – is merely a matter of selecting the patch cords that match the application; the basic installation remains untouched.